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Everyone on stage and set has expertise and contributes towards the shared goal of a successfully completed project. My role as an intimacy coordinator/choreographer is to support the creative process and directorial vision through all stages of production. I work in collaboration with actor process to ensure that scenes containing nudity, hyper-exposure, simulated sex acts and intimate touch are prepped, choreographed, repeatable and go well on the day.


Intimacy is an integral part of artistic story-telling that can at times be challenging to perform and can create awkwardness or anxiety amongst cast and crew members.


Clear communication of boundaries, expectations and a collaborative approach to choreography brings greater freedom to enjoy & engage in the creative process. ​

"Let's make it less weird"

Chelsea Pace and Laura Rikard



Rosanna (she/her).

I'm an intimacy coordinator and choreographer trained within BECTU and SAG-AFTRA guidelines, supported by an extensive practical background in costume, therapeutic and embodiment/movement practices. For more details, please click here.

I bring a grounded, inclusive approach to intimacy coordination and choreography. My passion is sharing the hidden stories of intimacy and nuance of this through movement within a consent framework.

Please contact me to explore how we can work together.

Full CV and references available on request.

Headshot of Rosanna Normanton smiling. Rosanna is a white woman with long ginger hair. She is wearing a black top.

"I found the process working with you incredibly liberating from a creative perspective. From the very beginning, you provided a strong framework for the choreography of the scenes, and got me thinking even more in-depth as to the specific emotions expressed with every minute action... It was quite enlightening to see the attention to the detail you provided in your initial questions, as well as your observations of different moments in scenes in the script. Suffice to say you lent a creative life to many moments in the script and helped us to shape the story in a deeper, more meaningful way.


The highlight for me came when, after your intimacy exercises with the actors on the first day, I was able to see their character relationship flourish. Having your expertise and calming, friendly demeanour in our rehearsals allowed the actors to set the necessary boundaries that then allowed them to be bold and creative with their choices, which has brilliantly come through in the work we've done so far. 


The choreography was very helpful. It gave us both a helpful framework to build on and a good reference point for performance, which saved us time and hassle later on.


Everybody loved your presence, and if anything, it made the environment far more comfortable having you there with us! ...I'd definitely like to see more care and consideration on any production about the intricacies of intimacy, and I think it would benefit our industry tremendously to have more people such as yourself who help us to lend a third dimension to an area that is often underappreciated and overlooked."


Aydan Tair, Director





As a separate service, I offer mental health consultation to productions.

Please visit for more information.

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